Guaranà Liquid

20 x 25 ml

Improves concentration, focus and physical and mental endurance thanks to the power of guarana, in convenient ready-to-drink liquid format

  • tonic action against physical and mental fatigue
  • Normal energy metabolism
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • 3,200mg of Guarana per ampoule
  • 200 mg of Caffeine per ampoule
  • 100mg magnesium in citrated form
  • With added vitamin C and group B vitamins
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Description Guarana is made from the seeds of Paullinia cupana, a wild climbing shrub considered sacred by the Amazonian Indians and used throughout traditional South American culture. The fruits of this plant were used as an 'elixir of life', also known for their aphrodisiac properties, their ability to protect against malaria, neuralgia, dysentery and to reduce menstrual pain. The Guarani Indians of the Amazon also used it to increase their strength and endurance while hunting.

The seeds of this plant contain guaranine, a substance similar to caffeine, which stimulates the release of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline (catecholamines). From the 19th century, these seeds reached Europe, becoming very popular in France as a tonic-stimulant drink. This stimulating effect is due to the high concentration of caffeine in guarana compared to that contained in the coffee beans themselves: 3-8% compared to around 2% (so in some cases much more than double the concentration). Guaranine is also absorbed more gradually by the body, allowing us to benefit from its energising effects on the body for a long time, without the risk of experiencing particular peaks or disturbances.

Guarana, along with methylxanthines such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, also contains numerous other bioactive substances: tannins, saponins and polyphenols such as atechins, epicatechins and proanthocyanins. A concentration of substances beneficial to the organism that enable guarana to gain potential tonic, analgesic, aphrodisiac, astringent, cardiotonic, diuretic, gastro-stimulant and antimicrobial activities. In addition, this substance enjoys well-known thermogenic qualities, a property that has made it a frequently used dietary supplement in modern times.

What is Guarana Liquid?

Guarana Liquid is a food supplement for adult sportsmen and women containing guarana, caffeine, magnesium and vitamins. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and magnesium contribute to normal energy metabolism and reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue*. Guarana also has a tonic action against both physical and mental fatigue.
Guarana Liquid's action on catecholamines increases body metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure and the number of breaths (thereby increasing blood oxygenation). The use of guarana is recommended in cases of mental and physical fatigue and convalescence, as a tonic and stimulant; in sports, guarana extracts are used to improve physical and mental work capacity, enabling the athlete to maintain greater concentration and focus on the objective.

Combined with caffeine, magnesium and vitamins, ours is an energising supplement, a true tonic-stimulant essential for increasing psychophysical performance in sportsmen and women, improving focus and memory in students or in states of particular fatigue and psychophysical stress. It is also appreciated for its ability to promote slimming and diuresis, its lipolytic effect and its ability to reduce hunger.

Benefits of our supplement

Why choose Guarana Liquid:

  • Stimulating and tonic action on the nervous system;
  • Reduces fatigue and convalescence;
     Helps maintain concentration;
     Promotes weight loss;
     Reduces hunger;
     Acts as a tonic, reducing fatigue;
    * Improves focus during sports performance.

How and when to take it

We recommend taking 1 ampoule a day, pure or diluted with water, preferably on a full stomach or after meals. To enjoy its stimulating effect on sports performance, we recommend using it pre-workout.


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DIRECTIONS: 1 ampoule (25 ml) per day, pure or diluted in a glass of water. Shake well before using.

Net content: 500ml

Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Keep in a cold and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight.

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Guaranà Liquid
£20.17 £40.33