At this time of the year they begin to feel sultry, humid and persistent heat, which can cause intense sweating, dehydration, drops in blood pressure and sugar. Especially for those who practice outdoor sports and are therefore easily exposed to heat stroke and temperature changes, it is necessary to increase the attention threshold, taking care to always have the resources available to rebalance the body balance. Let's find out in this article which are the substances that cannot be missing for the constant support of the athlete even in adverse weather conditions and when their integration is really useful.

Supplements and practical convenience

The word " integrate " comes from the Latin " intĕger " and means to compensate for a deficiency . This makes us understand that the use of food supplements should be done with awareness, knowing the possible deficiencies we are facing and working to prevent them. Useful, especially in hot weather, is the choice of liquid-based supplements : comfortable and practical, easy to use and capable of providing the body not only with microelements, macronutrients and plant extracts but also liquids, which are essential for maintaining correct hydration.

In this form we can find many types of different products, even if usually the best known and used are the gels for the replenishment of salts and carbohydrates , exploited above all by endurance athletes, who due to the duration of the performances risk running into deficiencies and dehydration.

However, this type of supplements can be useful to everyone, sports and non-sportsmen, especially during the summer, when during a walk in the mountains or a day of trekking we risk underestimating the needs of our body.

In the form of liquids it is also possible to find supplements of amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, Protein or carbohydrates: there is no hard and fast rule for determining which sportsman needs what, but we can try to understand together what benefits each of these principles brings.

Liquid protein is a suspension of Protein dissolved in a fluid, such as water.

In addition to whey, liquid Protein usually also include vitamins and minerals, which are designed to provide the consumer with a balanced nutritional blend . Aside from the comfort factor, the benefit of taking your diet in liquid form is that your body will be able to absorb nutrients more quickly . This formulation is therefore excellent to be consumed immediately after training, performance or competition. As seen in recent studies, protein-containing sports drinks improve athletes' performance. Research published in BioMed Central's Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition has shown that drinks containing a mix of carbohydrates and ProteinThey are superior to carbohydrate drinks in improving cyclists recovery from exercise.

Characteristics of a supplement in liquid form

But what should a great liquid drink contain to get great results?

Surely the answer depends on the purpose of the integration. With different objectives, the whey Protein , magnesium and potassium certainly have proven validity , which represent some of the supplements that should never be missing in the food plan of a sportsman , particularly in this period of the year where the heat represents a further obstacle to achieving maximum sporting performance.

Which components to focus attention on

On the market, however, we find many liquid or gel-based supplements, to the point of making the choice difficult for those who are not a great expert in the sector . Let's briefly clarify the benefits of some of the most common active ingredients, plant extracts and nutrients used to "compose" the ideal sports drink .

  • Whey protein is a set of Protein found in whey, a by-product of cheese making. When a coagulant (usually renin) is added to the milk, the curd (casein) and the whey separate; whey Protein are the water- soluble part of milk. From a nutritional point of view they are a source of high quality and well absorbed Protein , very useful for achieving targeted protein goals, used both in sports and clinics. Its benefits also extend to achieving goals such as increasing muscle massin combination with training with the use of overloads, also limiting the loss of muscle mass during low-calorie diets.
  • Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral and also the second most common intracellular cation (i.e. a positively charged atom) in the body. It also serves as a cofactor for over 600 enzymes that are essential for numerous reactions at the cellular level. In particular, magnesium is needed for energy production , carbohydrate metabolism and DNA and protein synthesis. Magnesium is also a calcium antagonist in the body and is required for the synthesis and activation of vitamin D. As such, magnesium deficiency can inhibit the potential benefits of vitamin D supplementation. Magnesium supplementation does not it is very effective in reducing fat mass or muscle cramps, while more confirmations and studies are needed to determine if magnesium supplementation can actually improve sleep parameters.
  • Potassium is an essential mineral in the human diet, found in relatively high quantities in fruits, vegetables and legumes. It is commonly seen as sodium's counterpart when it comes to blood pressure and water regulation in the body with high potassium diets associated with reduced blood pressure. It contributes to normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Alphazer's choice

Alphazer's R&D team has developed liquid phase products based on the needs of athletes and sportsmen. Below we summarize some products with their main components and possibilities of use.

  • ISOZER® Liquid : ready-to-drink whey protein, with less than 0.5% carbohydrates and fats per bottle. Ideal for reaching protein requirements in a practical and tasty way, as a snack or during strength activities.
  • Hydrazer Liquid : a supplement containing magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, zinc and nucleotides, all in a convenient drink. Perfect for replenishing the mineral salts lost after intense and prolonged activities, to take with you during endurance performances or in hot periods for outdoor workouts.
  • Enerfuel® Liquid : liquid supplement based on carbohydrates (Palatinose isomaltulose and Cluster-Dextrin cyclodextrin), l-citrulline, beta alanine, l-taurine, caffeine, Pycogenol maritime pine extract and WATT'SUP hesperidin. Perfect for replenishing glycogen stores and supporting training before and after, also improving the ability to react.

In conclusion, the liquid phase supplements are a valid option to always have available, in case of need, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to restore the body's equilibrium. Comfortable, practical and easy to use: when needed they are ready for use. Learning to use them can prove to be a valid option to avoid being caught unprepared.



Dr. Massimiliano Febbi PhD - Educational Director Yamamoto Nutrition - Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Strength Coach

Dr. Federica Federici Signori - Medical biotechnologist, nutritionist biologist




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